Texas Open Leaderboard 2009-2010

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Leader-Wesley Smolik of El Campo scored on this magnificent Matagorda Co. monster carrying 15 scoreable points and a P&Y gross score of 158 5/8" to take an early and commanding lead in the open division.  Hats off to Wesley and his hunting buddies as they have watched this deer grow to maturity and reach his full potential at 7.5 years of age.

2nd- Rick Knape with a very nice Fayette Co. 9 pt. scoring in at 147 7/8"

3rd-Jarrid Boehm-with an awesome 8pt. from Gonzales County scoring 144 2/8

4th-Matt Frerich with a Edwards County 10pt scoring in at 138 5/8" and his best to date.


5th Randy Morton with a Jackson Co. Deer scoring in at 134 5/8"

6th Tommy Henneke-with a Mills county 9 pt scoring in at 127 4/8" and a 18 2/8 spread

7th Megan Sommer-with her first ever bow kill a beautiful Val Verde Co. buck scoring in at 125 2/8"

I know this was a special deer because her Dad was there to enjoy the experience with her, congrats that is what it is all about!

8th Gary Smejkal with a nice Victoria Co. buck scoring in at 124 7/8"